Possesses demulcent, hemostatic, & antioxidant property 






The natural styptic

Contains natural antioxidants that correct local tissue oxidative damage.

Hemostatic: Styplon’s hemostatic property controls local tissue hemorrhage effectively. The natural ingredients are also vasoconstrictors, which stops capillary blood flow.  Demulcent: Styplon contains herbs which are demulcent. Demulcent herbs have a high content of mucilage, which soothes and protects irritated or inflamed internal tissues. It also helps heal the wounds more quickly.  Antioxidant:  Oxidative stress causes tissue injury, which can result in hemorrhage. Styplon contains natural antioxidants that correct local tissue oxidative damage.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding hemorrhoids (painful, swollen veins towards the end of the rectum or anus)

Epistaxis (nosebleed)

In gynecological bleeding conditions, which include abnormal uterine bleeding, spotting, post intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) bleeding

Hematuria (presence of blood in urine)

As an adjuvant in hemoptysis (blood-stained sputum)

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