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Himalaya began its journey at a time when herbal products were regarded with skepticism. But, our founder had firm belief in the power of nature’s goodness. He was convinced that people would share his belief if the benefits of herbs and plants were researched and analysed through science and were proven to be safe and effective though empirical evidence...

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Originating from the two Sanskrit words, ayus (life) and veda (science), Ayurveda is an ancient healing system originating in the Indian subcontinent that relies on herbs for maintaining good health.


If there is one word that captures the essence of Himalaya, it is research. It lies at the heart of everything we do. Serpina® , the first drug launched by Himalaya, was the result of four long years of research.


All herbal formulations at Himalaya find their roots in classical Ayurvedic texts. A team of botanists and Ayurveda experts at our R&D center review these scholarly texts and shortlist suitable herbs for further research.

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